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Jonathon Egan, DC, PhD, is an academic administrator at a health sciences university in Southern California. He has been married for over 2 decades to his wife, Heidi, who recently completed her doctoral dissertation in health psychology. Together, they are the parents of 5 children.


Jonathon and Heidi have had some extraordinary experiences together in the journey of marriage and parenthood. Perhaps most significantly, they survived a house fire together with their children in winter 2011, and are forever grateful for the human web that surrounded them and loved them through the aftermath. The community of Seneca Falls, NY, their church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), other churches in the town and in the county, Jonathon’s employer, and so many neighbors and friends came together in an unforgettable way to pull them through.

Jonathon started writing poetry again in 2017 after a nearly 25-year hiatus. You can learn more (but not much!) about Jonathon at his barely active LinkedIn account.

Family Photo 2017

The whole family at Thanksgiving – 2017


Other family members with public accounts: 

Sam is a member of the band, Roseburg. They’re one of my favorite bands!






Author photo credit: Heidi Egan

Family photo credit: Micole Dayle