I write poetry because I need to and because I experiencing joy in creating it.

I share poetry here because it is a place to organize it (including annotations), and because I hope others will occasionally and eventually find and enjoy some of it (even if it is poetry that maybe only my mother might say she loved).

I chose a higher cost plan on WordPress so that I could share this poetry without ads. That felt important to me. In fact, I chose about the plainest, most boring template I could find – one that would be just the reader and the words. Right now, the cost for that ad-free plan and the website is about $120/year.

If you would like to donate to encourage and support me in all of this, it would be welcome, but of course not required – I’m just glad you’re here. The donation link appears below – the default donation is $1.00; to increase the amount, just change the “multiple” next to the “Pay with PayPal” button. (If you do donate, thank you! I don’t know if I have the website set up correctly to send an automated thank you or not, but please accept my sincere appreciation.)

Thanks for visiting underwhelm.



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